Wikimedia selects Blazegraph™ to Power the Wikidata Query Service

Blazegraph™ has been selected by the Wikimedia Foundation to be the graph database platform for the Wikidata Query Service. Read the Wikidata announcement here. ¬†Blazegraph™ was chosen over Titan, Neo4j, Graph-X, and others by Wikimedia in their evaluation. ¬†

We're super-psyched to be working with Wikidata and think it will be a great thing for Wikidata and Blazegraph™. See the full blog post.

3/10/2015: SYSTAP Launches MapGraph to Process Graph Data 10,000 Times Faster than Hadoop-based Technologies

SYSTAP Products and Technology

Graphs are a powerful, flexible means of representing all kinds of linked data. Helping customers achieve their business objectives with graph data is our vision and mission. SYSTAP provides Developer Support, Production Support, and Custom Services for all its software solutions.

Blazegraph™ is our ultra high-performance graph database supporting Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL APIs. It supports up to 50 Billion edges on a single machine and has a High Availability and Scale-out architecture. It is in production use for Fortune 500 customers such as EMC, Autodesk, and many others.

Mapgraph™ is our disruptive new technology to use GPUs to accelerate data-parallel graph analytics up to 10,000X faster than other approaches. It can traverse billions of edges in milliseconds. We are accepting requests for Beta customers for this technology.

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Blazegraph feature overview (Full Feature Matrix):

  • High Performance Native graph database
  • Blueprints API or RDF/SPARQL
  • Highly Available Replication Clusters (HAJournalServer)
  • Single machine data storage to ~50B triples/quads (RWStore)
  • Clustered data storage is essentially unlimited (BigdataFederation)
  • REST API with embedded and/or webapp deployment (NanoSparqlServer)
  • Fast 100% native SPARQL 1.1 evaluation;
  • Fast RDFS+ inference and truth maintenance;
  • Tripes, quads, or Reification Done Right RDR support.
  • 100% Java memory manager leverages the JVM native heap (no GC)
  • Vertex-centric APIGASService.
  • Dual-license: GPLv2 or commercial
  • Research, Developer, and Production Support Subscriptions

Blazegraph™ Whitepapers

Whitepapers related to SYSTAP Technology.

  • Blazegraph High Availability (download)
  • Specification of a Reification Extension for SPARQL (RDF) (download)
  • Indexing Geospatial Data in RDF (download)
  • Reconciliation of RDF* and Property Graphs (download)
  • Runtime Query Optimization (download)
  • Foundations of an Alternative Approach to Reification in RDF (download)
  • Literature Review of Graph Databases(download)
  • MapGraph: A High Level API for Fast Development of High Performance Graph Analytics on GPUs (SIGMOD 2014)(download)
  • Parallel Breadth First Search on GPU Clusters (IEEE Bigdata 2014) (download)


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