SYSTAP Announces the Launch of Blazegraph™

SYSTAP is very pleased to launch it’s new graph database platform Blazegraph™ with the 1.5.0 software release available now on Sourceforge. It is built on the same platform and maintains 100% binary and API compatibility with Bigdata®. Blazegraph™ will take over as SYSTAP’s flagship graph database.

[February 18, 2015 -- metaphacts and Systap announce joint venture agreement to develop portfolio for large scale knowledge graph management]

[February 12, 2015 -- SYSTAP Launches Blazegraph]

SYSTAP Products and Technology

Graphs are a powerful, flexible means of representing all kinds of linked data. MapGraph™ is our disruptive new technology to use GPUs to accelerate data-parallel graph analytics. Blazegraph™ is our ultra high-performance graph database. SYSTAP provides Developer Support, Production Support, and Custom Services for all its software solutions. Blazegraph features:

  • Highly Available Replication Clusters (HAJournalServer)
  • Single machine data storage to ~50B triples/quads (RWStore)
  • Clustered data storage is essentially unlimited (BigdataFederation)
  • REST API with embedded and/or webapp deployment (NanoSparqlServer)
  • Triples, quads, or triples with provenance (RDR/SIDs)
  • Fast RDFS+ inference and truth maintenance;
  • Fast 100% native SPARQL 1.1 evaluation;
  • Integrated "analytic" query package;
  • 100% Java memory manager leverages the JVM native heap (no GC)
  • RDF Graph Mining Service GASService.
  • Reification Done Right RDR support.
  • RDF/SPARQL workbench.
  • Blueprints API.
  • Available in Open Source under the GPLv2 license

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Blazegraph™ Whitepapers

Whitepapers related to SYSTAP Technology.

  • Blazegraph High Availability (download)
  • Specification of a Reification Extension for SPARQL (RDF) (download)
  • Indexing Geospatial Data in RDF (download)
  • Reconciliation of RDF* and Property Graphs (download)
  • Runtime Query Optimization (download)
  • Foundations of an Alternative Approach to Reification in RDF (download)
  • Literature Review of Graph Databases(download)
  • MapGraph: A High Level API for Fast Development of High Performance Graph Analytics on GPUs (SIGMOD 2014)(download)
  • Parallel Breadth First Search on GPU Clusters (IEEE Bigdata 2014) (download)


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